Erigon v0.0.8 Release for Mainnet [Action Required]

A new version of Erigon (on Polygon Fork) is available - v0.0.8

If you are running erigon nodes on Mainnet, you need to upgrade to this version before the Indore hardfork kicks in on 11th July 2023 (Polygon Block Countdown).

Same block on erigon repo is included in v2.48.0 or above, If you are running nodes on erigon repo then upgrade to that before the above timeline.

Instructions to Upgrade

These are the instructions to upgrade Erigon on your nodes:

  1. Upgrade Erigon to the latest version:

    cd ~/erigon
    git pull --tags
    git checkout v0.0.8
    make erigon
  2. Ensure that you are on the latest version:

    ./build/bin/erigon --version
    # It should return
    erigon version 0.0.8-bor-047e789a
  3. Restart erigon

    sudo service erigon restart


Our chaindata size (db size) will soon grow more than 8 TB for Polygon mainnet archive (currently at 6.4T). We know that the db size limit is set to 8 TB and we can only increase that if we increase the db.pagesize config to >= 8KB (currently at 4KB). We wanted to ask the following:

  1. Will we have to sync from scratch if we want to change the pagesize config? (if yes when is the new snapshot for erigon mainnet archive going to be dropped at
  2. The Polygon fork for Erigon with version v0.0.8 is deployed on Alpine 3.14.0 where the default pagesize is 4KB. Does the OS used in this image support pagesize increase to 8KB or more?

@Krishna looking forward to get a detailed response on above. Thank you in advance.


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  1. There is an integration tool using which you can change the pagesize for existing data without syncing from scratch, More details about it you can find on erigon discord server.
    Regarding snapshot, I can’t comment as it’s not under my supervision, Maybe you can ask support team on our discord for more details on that.

  2. Yes

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so reading this… if I’m using 2.48.1 or 0.0.8 as an archive node, I’m covered for the indore fork?

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