ERC20 network, matic network

Hello! I tried to withdraw an amount of MATIC coins from binance to ledger nano x but instead of choosing ERC20 network I choose MATIC network and I lost my coins. Is there anything I can do to get them back? Plase help me


Hi shubhangi, they have been 1000 Matic tokens that I have moved from binance to my Ledger nano x. please can I get them back! [Screenshot_20210927_074058|308x500](upload://dPPZKGrtrzLI3VCkz1QXtuGEE

Hello @Milad1984 our complaint has been received and would be attended to. Kindly contact the live chat or a telegram DEv on Polygon support live chat website for more assistance with this ticket Id #AK2960.


I accidentally sent ETH from Matic Mainnet to ERC 20 of Binance. Is it still recoverable? Can someone help me on this?

Transaction Hash: 0x1b5008707f4e55a4f13f78576b6291ee49cbf5f0389f0c037790c37aabb9c2f8

Hello @Bruno_Marcelino

Please contact the Binance support team for further assistance on this issue.