ERC20 Matic Tokens stuck somewhere (I believe the reason was lack of ETH to cover all of the gas fees)

Back in january when it was possiible to send MATIC for staking as an ERC20, I did tried to delegate tokens using delegator menu (I was using metamask but was logged on Account 2 do I was not using primary address) I was doing it for a first time ever and was not aware at that point that transactions like staking requires signing contracts more than once. It seems that I have only partially accepted transaction but because I did not paid another fee to complete it my token has been deducted from my wallet but never reached destinated Validator. Etherscan shows this transaction as I would have send these tokens to a private wallet of mine but I swear that I did used delegator menu and thought that this first signed contract is enough (editing tbc)

Long story short these tokens have been transfered to some kind of buffer adress which has only been used that time and they have not been moved ever since. I have no access to this wallet at all, it onky has 1 nonce and none of my seed phrases matches it. I was trying many approches to figure it out but the only thing that comes to my mind right now is that they have been keept somewhere between ETH and MATIC because I did not paid for a second part of the contract. Is it possible to somehow finish or reverse this transation? These tokens have grown in value like a lot ever since. I would like to at least get a final YES or NO if its possible for me to get them back.

Before I post txtid I will ask if I need to open a ticket or somebody will find time here to help me out with this matter?

Done. Ticket 24155. Thanks in advance but please take a closer look and maybe check logs or something beacause there were many similar cases reported by other users and it was during the time You were moving to own mainnet so unexpected results like mine could show up.

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