ERC20 approve/allowance/transferFrom issue


I am only learning matic network.
I use mumbai testnet and ERC20 test token (address in mumbai 0x2d7882beDcbfDDce29Ba99965dd3cdF7fcB10A1e)
What can I use approve/allowance/transferFrom mechanism for ERC20 test token in matic?
When I use approve function I’m getting transaction status - false.
For example transaction hash: 0x4a7be9347a20d37ef642790ccf590b4a1b24895a8f7271d431c38386691070ee.


Hey @Azat!
Was the token mapped via PoS or Plasma security?

Hey @angela.
Plasma security. it’s ERC20 TestToken from

Mapped own token behave similarly. mapped via plasma.

Sorry for the late reply @Azat.

Yes Plasma tokens behave differently - please see for an explanation.

You need to use transferWithSig to mimic approve for Plasma tokens -