Dripps - A Programmable UI for IRL events

Project Name: Dripps

Main Use Case:
The proposed project is Dripps, a social engagement platform that promotes secure and inclusive human social interactions using the Polygon network and applying web3’s core philosophy. The project is born out of the need to create a social digital structure that eliminates the risks of bad behavior caused by strong emotions that come up in an instant.

To achieve this, Dripps believes that human interactions should have a baseline to ensure good communication, mutual understanding, and safety. The platform focuses on improving social relationships by utilizing more than one cognitive stimulus, addressing the shortcomings of previous social media experiences that only appeal to one cognitive sense.

Dripps recognizes the importance of real-life engagements in creating a secure and inclusive environment. The platform ensures the dialect between the digital and real-life engagements is smooth and bullet-proof, emphasizing that digital life supports real-life. The slogan “Life is out there” reinforces this belief.

Dripps is designed to facilitate improved social relationships from individuals to communities with a better-organized way of social conduct. The platform employs cell structures that allow users to zoom in/out, enabling a more flexible and adaptive approach to social engagement.

Dripps aims to promote secure and inclusive human social interactions, eliminate the risks of bad behavior, and create a better social digital structure that appeals to multiple cognitive senses, ultimately improving social relationships from individuals to communities.

What do we want to solve thanks to this project:
The need for this project is evident from the disparities observed in communication patterns on social media and in real life engagements. While people are excited to share, learn and grow on social media, they are also open to manipulation and follow certain information through mass media. In contrast, the engagement in real-life events does not always deliver what they promise, or worse, not even secure enough to protect individual rights, especially for minorities who often experience biased/negative outcomes/experiences.

Dripps aims to address this problem by creating a platform that supports better communication channels at both the local and global levels. By using NFT and POAP functionality, Dripps aims to support all events and encourage community participation. The project is important for the target demographic/problem area as it aims to eliminate exploitation of a single dominant sense that plays a role in the current social media architecture.

Considering Dripps, the platform aims to support creator economy and interoperable business models by enabling cross-support for technologies and marketplaces in the ecosystem. By doing so, the platform aims to reduce energy consumption at an individual level and support the adoption of blockchain technologies.

Dripps project is important because it addresses the need for better communication channels that are secure, transparent, and support individual progress within the community. The project aims to create a platform that encourages community participation and provides a more open and honest way of communication without compromising security and credibility.

Presentation of the team:
You can reach out as hello@dripps.app to be involved


  1. MVP Launch: This phase is expected to take 2-3 months.
  2. Continuous Iteration and Improvement: This phase will be ongoing.
  3. Community Engagement Campaigns: This phase is expected to take 2–3 months.
  4. Community Accounts and Feedback Structure: This phase is expected to take 4-5 months.
  5. Documentation and Knowledge Sharing: This phase is expected to take 2-3 months.

Link to website:

Links to social channels: https://twitter.com/drippsuniverse

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