Downgrade Bor from v1.2.0 to v1.1.0

Hello All,

We have observed some issues related to Bor v1.2.0 release. Major issues we have observed so far:

  • Database growth rate has become much higher since the upgrade on few validator nodes
  • Pruning stopped working on Bor v1.2.0

While the team is actively looking into these issues, we ask all validators and service providers to downgrade to Bor v1.1.0 . Since there is no hardfork in bor v1.2.0 , it is safe to downgrade all types of node to v1.1.0.

Instructions to Downgrade Bor

  1. Stop Bor service

    sudo service bor stop
  2. Install Bor with a version tag, network name (mainnet or mumbai), and node type (sentry, validator, or archive).

    # Replace the node type
    curl -L | bash -s -- v1.1.0 mainnet <node_type>
  3. Check bor version

    /usr/bin/bor version
    # It should print 
    # v1.1.0
  4. Restart bor service

    sudo service bor start

Docker Images

You can find the latest docker images here:



Polygon Team