*Do NOT use Polygon Network to send ANY asset to Coinbase! Get the word out community!

Hey guys,

Users sending assets using Polygon Network to unsupported clients are rampant on this forum. I personally hate it. How can we spread the word that users need to be more careful when sending funds using the Polygon Network?

I know that MATIC and the Polygon Network may be older news to YOU, but to exchanges and platforms handling Billions of dollars worth of transactions daily have a lot more on their plate when it comes to adding different networks/blockchains/token standards to their list of what they support. Before sending ANY cryptocurrency on ANY blockchain/network/or using any token standard, DOUBLE CHECK and make sure you are sending the EXACT cryptocurrency using the EXACT token standard, on the EXACT blockchain/network. Crypto is decentralized, its what we want it to be, so to keep it this way, users need to be EXTRA cautious when managing their crypto. If word gets to the SEC (or any other financial overseeing governance committee) that billions of dollars worth of crypto have been lost due to users not being adamant about making sure that everything is correct, then the whole crypto community needs to be prepared for non-custodial wallet addresses to become illegal and possibly be penalized once those non-custodian funds get sent to an exchange or other client who has performed the KYC checks on their users.

If we don’t want tighter regulations once they start rolling them out (and they ARE coming), then we NEED to show them that we can handle our sh!t. The better we can manage the transfers of hundreds of billions of dollars within a market worth +5 trillion dollars, the better those regulations will look for crypto. j/s

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