Dmicheal say hello!

Basic Introduction:
I am Dmicheal from China. The powerful blockchain attract me .

Professional Background:
i am a Rust software engineer . very interest in blockchain tech.

Interests in Web3:
DeFi is the most one.

Feature Recommendations:
Polygon PoS i hear it from a friend . and then i dive in this world it was wonderful!
Current Projects:
now i working on my own project . soon i will show to all of you.

Learning and Development:
Now i still study the math behind the defi. it was chanllenge .

Community Engagement:
Ploy is good . i consider my project will migirate to this.
Future Aspirations:
the low fee and the security is the thing i consider most. and i find the poly is fit for it.

Fun Facts:
the pleasure to make things right.
Connect and Collaborate:
My X name: DMicheal13
welcome to dm me