DESU - Decentralized Subscription Payments (Web3 Patreon)

DESU is a membership platform where creators can monetize their content and build community with cryptocurrency, social tokens, and NFTs, all while interacting with their biggest fans.

DESU also provides a recurring subscription payment protocol that allows creators to receive recurring payments in a decentralized manner via immutable smart contracts.

The Problems with traditional centralized platforms:

  • Centralized: Creators are at the control of centralized entities and can be demonetized and or de-platformed at the discretion of these centralized platforms and financial institutions.
  • Payouts: Chargebacks! Creators receive a payment only to later see it charged back. Also, there are long hold times of funds and withdrawals to banks can take weeks.
  • Fees: The industry standard fee that centralized paid social networks take is 20%. We believe the creator deserves more.
  • Fundraising & Incentives: Current platforms lack new and unique methods for incentivizing and supporting creators. People who support and back their favorite creators have little to show for it. The supporters lack reciprocity. Creators also need new and exciting methods to entice their fans to support them.

How DESU solves these problems:

  • Decentralized Recurring Peer to Peer Payments: DESU is a non custodial platform. Subscribers and Creators on DESU make payments directly to each other all powered by DESU’s recurring subscription payment protocol. Creators do not have to worry of demonetization when utilizing a permissionless platform like DESU, all smart contracts are immutable.
  • Payouts: No long wait times! No Chargebacks! All pay outs are nearly instant and final!
  • Fees : Creators earn more than they would on traditional platforms.
  • Fundraising & Incentives: DESU has built a proof of support model that rewards the creator’s OG supporters and gives them even more incentive to back them. Through this proof of support model, supporters receive rewards which can be utilized to gain access to live in person events as well as metaverse events, token gated communities, content and more!


Recurring Crypto Subscription Payments
Crypto Tip Payments
PPV Crypto Payments (custom unlockable content paid in crypto)
Full Fledged NFT Marketplace with timed auctions
Social Token Generator: Create your social token with just the click of a button
Social Token Subscriptions: Token Gated Access to Content 
Create Audio, Video, and or Text Posts
Scheduled Posting
Scheduled Auto Post Deletion
Display NFTs in profile 
Referral Program

Project Roadmap / Strategy

  • BETA Release on Polygon Testnet
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Onboard Creators


  • Launch DESU DAO to enhance decentralization and vote on changes and improvements that impact creators and subscribers/supporters
  • Conduct Audits

Pitch Deck / Demo: DESU Pitch Deck - Google Slides

Go to Market Strategy:

Project Team Members

Emilio Carlito - Founder
Victor Salatiel - Senior Developer

Project Socials
Discord: DESU
Docs: Getting Started - DESU