Deposit issues in Huobi Exchange using Polygon web wallet


I try yesterday to send MATIC to my Huobi Account considering the fact that is supported (according to Huobi GUI)

The tokens were sent but never appear credited in my account.

I open a ticket and here’s the answer from them:

Dear user,
The result of your application Deposits can not be credited is [REJECT] . Hello, with regard to your feedback that the recharge is not online and the currency does not arrive, it is recommended that you contact us after the currency is online; If you need us to return it for you, please contact the project party of this currency for contract verification. Because the project party of the currency has not completed the verification of the contract code of the currency, we can’t handle the return for you. It is suggested that you can contact us after the project party verifies the contract code. We will further follow up your problems. Thank you for your understanding. Note: if the contract is returned after verification, the handling fee shall be returned.

I saw a similar topic facing the same issue

Is there any advance regarding this?


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Just seeing this and I’m also facing the exact same issue because the execution contract 0x000000000000000000000000000001010 is not verified, can someone help in this case? get this contract verified? Thanks.

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Hi @nicole_maticDev, thanks for the suggestion. I actually have contacted support via email but they have previously responded with “in contact with the relevant dev team” so I figured I’d come here and ask directly, maybe faster. My transaction happened over two weeks ago so I appreciate your understanding on this matter. Thanks!

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don’t believe anyone in this forum who tells you to go to a link to somehow get faster support, OR verify your wallet, OR sign in your Metamask on their imitation website.

So, it would seem @pigfish , @Mauricio_Beltran and I have the same issue… and the devs/admin are not responding because… they don’t know how to resolve it.

So far, I’ve got these 3 strategies I have not used/tried yet.

  1. Send to an exchange that supports/can receive smart contracts on the polygon network. Then send it wherever you want - on the ETH chain.
  2. Connect to HOP then pay the pays to bridge it to ETH chain
  3. Wait for MATIC to fix this issue then use their plasma bridge (not recommended as people have lost their ETH fees and had their tokens/funds stuck in limbo.

thanks @Walcus, i also got the polygon support response that they CANNOT verify the contract, without a reason. This is literally matic token contract and it’s hard to believe that the dev team can’t verify it.
I also want to call out that the contract was verified just a couple days ago, and I have a screenshot, but now it’s not verified. That’s also strange that that happened.

@pigfish @Walcus is there any update regarding the issue?
I have done transaction almost 13 days ago and still waiting answer from HUOBI support…