Deposit Ether from Ropsten to testnetv3.matic

Hi there I have a problem with the deposit Ether from Ropsten to testnetv3.matic network. For this functionality I use “depositEther” function. After calling this function funds from Metamask are withdrawn, but never arrive to the balance on testnetv3. Also, I always receive the transaction hash and never any error after calling “depositEther” function. Simply no mistakes, funds gone but didn’t reach the destination.
Here is my repo where I included my implementations that produce the above issue. I might be wrong and simple inexperienced yet, but it feels like Matic documentation in some parts missing necessary examples and details, and in some parts they are really challenging to understand quickly. However, thank you very much for your help and we look forward to migrating to Matic!
If need transaction hash or path of code where an I have a problem please let me know!