Decentralized Science (DeSci) - A New Ecosystem on Polygon

I recommend everyone to read and deepen Hans Jonas (1903/1993)
The Imperative of Responsibility: In Search of Ethics for the Technological Age

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Hi Frens - everything you outline here about #DeSci was in our proposal #FrontierRegistry that we submitted via QuestBook for the Polygon Village Grant last month (July 2022).

Curiously, we were denied the grant.

But this is exactly what our on-chain scientific publishing platform addresses.
Here is the same proposal, truncated somewhat, now on
FrontierRegistry - Science Publishing OnChain |<!-- --> Giveth

And this is my video pitch, also submitted via Polygon Village Partnerships.

And screenshots of our MVP attached, too.

Since our Questbook submission made it to final consideration with significant communication exchanges with your grants team leading up to the decision of denial of the grant, we’d be keen to know why we were denied?
Since everything you articulate in this article is exactly what we articulated in our proposal.

I also minted the pitch deck of FrontierRegistry as a NFT on Opensea back in February. You can easily find it on OS by searching ‘Frontier Registry’.

Thanks for your interest in #DeSci. For us it is a passion project. We currently have our Wonder Grant submission under review by OxPolygonDAO. We have high hopes for this one especially now that you have formally recognized #DeSci as a new Polygon Ecosystem.

Thank you
On Telegram Paige3D
On LinkedIn PaigeDonner
Creator, FrontierRegistry

And another one for reference. Written last November, peer reviewed by scientists, engineers and fellow Women in Web3 colleagues, and published on-chain as a NFT last December.

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Love the Idea ! think it can open many new doors …


There are good people of the world & there are horrible people in this world. Colour religion & nationality do not come into the equation. Sadly its people who put profits before humanity that end up with control of all the great new inventions & ideas. Nothing would benefit humanity more than access & transparency for everyone to benefit frim new scientific & technological break throughs. It has to be said, I know its political but everything boils down to politics in the end. Sadly we the normal everyday citizens of the world don’t even get a chance to benefit from great ideas that deserve to be enjoyed by everyone who chooses to. What is wrong in that? This is why I fully support this idea & hope it comes to fruition. Its relevant more today than I’ve known in my life. Im most likely one of the oldest people on here. I can say without any argument the rich keep getting richer, the poor are neglected & it seems theore evil people are the more they benefit off the backs of others. Obviously this is wrong for any right minded person. The whole reason I got into crypto was because its there & available for all to benefit from & not the chosen few. Luckily I’ve been fortunate to have benefitted from crypto. I see it as serving a social need neglected by leaders who only serve big corporations. I’m speaking from a western point of view, sadly all western leaders have lost touch with who they’re supposed to serve. They pay lip service to the citizens but only work for large multinationals. I see no better way to benefit all than something like this idea taking off. I will say this though its going to take a huge effort for it to be a success. This won’t just happen overnight. Its a fantastic idea I fully support. I hope it becomes a success…


Looking forward to learn and know more on DeSci

I cannot begin to express how much i’m aligned with Polygon’s decision making when it comes to what it focuses on.

Polygon taking this initiative makes it a pioneer in the field of DeSci and will have the power to shape the future of that field, revolutionizing the method in which research is done. We are at a time in humanity’s history where tradition is dying and new roads are emerging, Polygon is pushing forward by focusing on shedding light on those new roads and making its way towards the future.

DeSci is definitely what we need with this wide spread mass adoption of Web3 and governments looking to regulate crypto and limit decentralization. DeSci is the answer to faster development and innovation, a faster, more efficient, transparent, untainted way of building the future.

I’m all for this.

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Hello Frens. I was asked to post this Q & A here on the forum as it was deemed a bit long for Discord #ecosystem-discussions:desci channel:

Here is the Questions & Answers

Markio (:dna:,:dna:)

As mentioned above Im here representing GenomesDAO, but I’d be interested if there are any initiatives looking at peer review?

Me: ArtemisP

Yes, we are. We are looking at integrating peer review as a feature in FrontierRegistry

gioser | Polygon DAO (UTC +2) 16/08/2022

That is cool. Do you have some resources on what kind of system you are working on when it comes to peer review? and/or how are you thinking on decentralizing the process, anonymising the reviewers while maintaining a certain standard of the review process, possible incentives, etc. I followed a really interesting discussion during ETH Amsterdam on Peer review and ever since I have been looking into different models/ways that teams are working on. So i’d love to read any resources available from your project.

Yesterday at 14:17

This issue of peer review is one of the more complex features of building out a publishing platform. If you listened to Balaji Srinivisan’s recent (Aug. 4th) podcast -available on Youtube - he talks at length about some of these complexities. As we are still building out our platform and working through these nuances we (like other projects) are maintaining closed Alpha so as to address user needs. What I can share with you at this moment is that there is a robust discussion within the DeSci community about whether peer review should be anonymous or pseudonymous. This is not the issue of whether papers should be allowed to be authored pseudonymously (ex. Satoshi + Bitcoin) but if reviews of such a paper should be allowed to be reviewed anonymously or pseudonymously. I can disclose to you that we believe that peer reviews must have identity associated with it. In the interviews we have conducted with scientific and engineering communities over the past 9 months, too frequently it has been cited that there can be ‘sybil attacks’ on research (multiple reviews but from the same person) and also competitors who pseudonymously negatively review research only to then gain time to have a competitive advantage (ex. mRNA ). These are some of the issues we are fully cognizant of and looking to safeguard against with FrontierRegistry.

I urge you to dive into the debate and conversation in order to more fully comprehend the complexity of the question you are asking. It will be important to Alpha test FrontierRegistry on 1000s of research/academic/engineering/scientific users before we can confidently claim having arrived at a solution. However, as this response evidently indicates, we are fully aware of the complexities and needs and are thoughfully committed to transparency, traceability, honesty and professional respect so as to address these issues and concerns for the best outcome for all.

Abix | Polygon DAO Yesterday at 15:26

Hey @ArtemisP , Its great to see people like you with such great enthusiasm around DeSci here with us, It would be great if you could share this on the Forum, giving you the space to put in depth analysis of this. DeSci - Polygon Community Forum
Really appreciate the effort

NobleBlocks is building just that