CS-2008 : My sentry node not connecting to the peers

Hello all,

I am trying to setup a matic node(Validator + Sentry) with the public-testnet CS-2008.

Also, I have installed Heimdall through Native linux installation.

On the Sentry node, I have used a peer from CS-2008 > heimdall-seed.txt. But it is throwing the below error on my Sentry node.

NOTE: I have opened the required ports for on my AWS instances

Could someone help me on this?

Aug 21 04:32:04 ip-172-31-16-172 bash[220655]: E[2021-08-21|04:32:04.957] dialing failed (attempts: 5): dial tcp i/o timeout module=pex addr=1f1b21cacf3ac8a1e1402646e023811b250e2d76@
Aug 21 04:32:35 ip-172-31-16-172 bash[220655]: E[2021-08-21|04:32:35.614] Failed to reconnect to peer. Beginning exponential backoff module=p2p addr=1f1b21cacf3ac8a1e1402646e023811b250e2d76@ elapsed=2m30.657833812s