Cryptorefills - buy giftcards on polygon

Project name


Main use case
CryptoRefills allows you to buy mobile top-ups, gift cards, e-gifts and vouchers with Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDC, USDT, and other stables. Cryptorefills offers users many networks and coins for buying their favorite Gift Cards.

CryptoRefills supports payments via Polygon for faster transactions and reduced transaction fees.

What do we want to solve thanks to this project
In the short term, we offer people a fast crypto off-ramping service. In the long term, we want to disrupt the gift card ecosystem, because we’re working on a new project, Atomicrails, which is a platform for issuing, managing, and redeeming NFT Gift Cards.

Road map
Currently, the cryptorefills website is up and running on Polygon and other networks.

Q2 2023 - For Atomicrails, we’re close to launch the Cryptorefills NFT Gift Card, that will be the first product built on top of atomicrails

Q4 2023 - Public release of Atomicrails

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