to Robinhood

Hi, I sent my polygon to robinhood polygon via polygon network NOT the robinhoods erc-20 network. Very hard to explain right now but i have the transaction.

Hi. I am missing the question in your post.
If the matic has not arrived on your robinhood account you need to contact them.
There is nothing we can do on our side!

Even they’re both successful, the bottom one, i received it. The top one i did not receive it.

I see!
As I said above this is an issue you have to raise with a support ticket with robinhood. There is nothing that can be done on our side.

Ok, i will try to cantact them again…

Does the transaction have an expiration?
So, i gotta wait… :disappointed:

There’s a solution to that. It happened to me while I was using atomic wallet

Where? Can i take back the previous transaction? said it already left my wallet.

You can have a reversal.

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