Creative product management, marketing, TR community building

Hello everyone! With the addition of WOO Network, I had the opportunity to examine Polygon Network in detail.

Seriously excellent job. I am confident that once the chains of fake hype are over, the value of the Polygon mesh will be known globally.

I would like to say that I am jealous of the entire technical team…

So far, I have been involved in many projects in the crypto money industry. I am ready to use all my competencies in marketing and creative product management for Polygon. I do not charge any fees. It can be included in my Creative team working with me. But in my country there is not exactly Polygon community. Because they all only know about MATIC and they only buy and sell. They are not even aware of the Network behind it and the DAO structure. I am very excited to say that I can establish the Polygon Mesh Community in my country if it allows it to add value to the DAO. See you in the future!