Counter Stake Weekly Update #5

CSW #5

Over the past week, we continued running our successful running testnet CS-2004. CS-2004 has been running successfully uninterrupted for the past 2 weeks. We have also started running mini-contests for all the validators.


  1. Uninterrupted testnet CS-2004 for 2 weeks.
  2. Onboarded 100 validators to the network
  3. Mini-Contests for Claim Rewards and Re-stake
  4. Mini Contests for Delegations (Ongoing)


We started running mini-contests last week for all the validators in our community channel. We ran 2 mini-contests last week

Claim Rewards and Re-stake

This was a contest where validators were supposed to perform 2 activities on the Staking Dashboard. They would need to Claim rewards for running their validator and then re-stake the rewards that they claimed. All of The top 30 validators who would do these steps correctly would go on to win $10 each.
More details about this contest are here:


The Delegation contest was the next contest in line. This is where the validators would have to delegate some tokens to a validator of their choice, and then perform a host of activities to complete the contest.

  1. Delegate tokens to a validator
  2. Claim rewards from the delegation
  3. Unbond from the validator
  4. Claim your staked tokens as a delegator
    Please note that this contest is still ongoing and would be continued till 1st April 2020.

Issues Encountered during CS-2004

There are a couple of issues that we are analyzing and monitoring that were reported by validators

  1. Wrong App Hash error - Some validators have reported this issue. Even after resetting Heimdall data. Our team is analyzing this issue right now. We will be updating the community on this issue.
  2. Claim stake and Unbond issue - During the contest there were some validators who were unable to claim stake and unbond successfully from the dashboard. We have fixed this issue however, we’re internally testing this.

Thing to look forward to:

  • Mini Contests - Validator replacement and Validator Signer change contests
  • Initiate Rewards Distribution