Counter Stake Weekly Update #2

CSW #2

Over the past week we announced a new testnet, i.e. CS-2002 with bug fixes for the previous testnet that we encountered. With the new testnet up and running we were able to accommodate 51 validators on the testnet. We also introduced the Validator Dashboard to the community through which they could connect their wallet and stake on Matic testnet to become a validator


  1. Introduction of the Validator Dashboard.
  2. More than 50 validators are running the testnet
  3. High uptime of nodes has been maintained by almost all the validators.

Issue encountered

We encountered a moderate severity bug in Heimdall Core wherein validators were trying to setup their nodes and the node would stop syncing after a particular block number (137849). This issue was encountered by several new validators that were trying to setup their node. We have fixed this issue and well as other minor bugs.


We are in the process of spinning up a new testnet with updated configuration and the bugs fixes mentioned above. One major thing that we are making sure for CS-2003 is that we will start the genesis with the same validator set that were able to stake successfully previously. We will initially configure their stakes directly on the contract, so the current validators will not have to re-stake.

Things to look forward to:

  • Bug Bounties - There will be bounties for bugs that are found and reported during Stage 1 of the Counter Stake program. Details of this will be disclosed later.
  • Ankr One-click-setup - Easy setup of Matic Node without going through the pain of installing different components
  • Mini Contests - We’ll be running mini-contests for validators to earn more rewards.
  • Validator Dashboard - With further capabilities such as re-stake, delegation and more.

Other issues we are monitoring and analyzing:

  1. Gas exceeds allowance - Few people have encountered this issue when staking through CLI even though all parameters and syntaxes are correct.
  2. Peer Connection - Some issues were reported where when starting heimdall they were getting issues where the heimdall node was unable to connect to any peers. As of now, we know this issue corrects itself automatically, but we are still monitoring this.
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in me the gas exceed is because i input zero excess to 19 decimals instead of 18, don’t know if this was also happen with other validator?