Counter Stake - Weekly Update #11

Hey @everyone

We hope everyone is doing alright, safe & sound.

Continuing with our ongoing Testnet, CS-2008 we have been running for more than 3 weeks now. We also retired and shutdown our long-standing testnet CS-2007 last week. We also added more validators due to the overwhelming response we have received over the course of the Counter Stake program.

As initially mentioned in our previous posts and weekly update, Stage 2 is where we want our network to be stress-tested. We are currently awaiting on few external validators who will be conducting these attacks. Also in the coming weeks, we will also be running some mock attacks on the network by ourselves.


  • Continuing CS-2008 network
  • Retiring CS-2007
  • Added 122 validators to our testnet. The highest ever threshold of validators over any testnet for Counter Stake.

Continuing CS-2008

We continued support of the CS-2008 network. Folks were getting familiarised with the new setup sequences, Validator + Sentry setup. Almost all of our validators are running a sentry node. A lot of folks from the community have also praised the documentation for the sentry node which is always great to know.

Due to the overwhelming response that we have received over the course of the Counter Stake program, we have had several requests from community members to be onboarded as validators. Due to this, we had increased our slots from 100 to initially to 110 but later increased it to 122. We currently have 122 validators that are running independent nodes and running the network.

CS-2008 now holds the record for the most number of validators to be onboarded during Counter Stake.

Retiring CS-2007

Knowing how well CS-2008 was running, we came to the conclusion to retire and shutdown CS-2007 foundation nodes. Most of the validators were moved from CS-2007 to CS-2008, however, there were some whom we couldn’t onboard due to limited slots.

The uptime reward for Stage 2 will be calculated for CS2007 and CS2008.

Staking Delegation Education event

We launched the Staking Delegation Education Event in the course to have the community get a feel of how the Delegation experience would be. The Delegation Education Event is currently being run on the testnet, CS-2008. We have received currently more than 400+ registration for this event

Hotfix for Heimdall

We recently wanted to tweak the algorithm a bit for the Heimdall node. The problem was that there was too much of a time delay when a proposer was unable to send a checkpoint on CS2008. This could be for various reasons. The optimization was to reduce the delay between Producers and proposers between checkpoint selection so that whenever a proposer does not send the checkpoint (For whatever reason) the delay is immediately timed out the next proposer is selected to send the checkpoint. This way, the delays in sending checkpoints would be mitigated.

However, this was only for the testnet CS-2008, since Slashing is disabled for this testnet. However, on subsequent testnets and on the mainnet when slashing is enabled, this problem would not occur as the proposer, who did not send the checkpoint, their stake would be slashed.

Things to look forward to

  • Initiating Attacks on Stage 2
  • Mainnet - Delegation