Counter Stake - Weekly Update #10

Hey @everyone

We hope everyone is doing alright, safe & sound.

We recently announced the Stage 2 of Counter Stake — Matic’s incentivized testnet program.

We had initially launched with our latest testnet CS-2007 and then after a few upgrades we will be planning to launch with a new testnet, CS-2008. Stage 2 is where we want our network to be “stress-tested” thoroughly. What this basically means is that we will be encouraging validators to:

  • Test the network for resilience against explicit exploits that take down the network
  • Try to successfully execute an economic attack and find bugs in the system/code


  • Mainnet Genesis
  • Stage 2 Documentation rollout
  • Launching CS-2008 with upgrades and fixes from the previous testnets

Mainnet Genesis

We successfully launched our Mainnet on May 31, 2020. After grueling hours and long days and weeks, we are happy to announce that we are live and kicking with our Mainnet. Our genesis ceremony took place where most of the employees had logged in on a call to set the ball rolling.

Stage 2 Documentation

Before last week, we were preparing the documentation for Stage 2. This would not only help people get a better understanding and deeper look into how the components at Matic work, but also would prepare them in understanding on how to perform attacks correctly.

Here are some of the updated sections on our Docs

Getting an overview

What is Matic : [
Understanding the Architecture :
Overview on Heimdall :
Overview on Bor : 1

In order to understand the granular information about core components such as Heimdall, Bor, and Contracts you can head over to the link below. You can navigate to the specs with these links:

Heimdall : 3 Bor : 1 Contracts : 3

For a detailed post on all the updated documents, you can read our forum post here:

Documentation on Sentry Nodes:

With our latest documentation on Sentry, folks and validators would be able to setup their Validator nodes along with Sentry nodes to protect them from attacks.

Linux Packages:

Retiring CS-2007 and Launching CS-2008

We had successfully launched CS-2007 after several internal tests for the side-channel implementation.
We had over 100 validators that were onboarded to CS-2007.

We had eventually wanting to release a new testnet with upgrades and fixes that were ongoing on the CS-2007. We released CS-2008 with a select few validators and some external validators who were going to be part of running activities and attacks on CS-2008

Things to look forward to

  • Initiating tests on CS-2008
  • Onboard more validators to CS-2008