Counter Stake Weekly Update #1

CSW #1

We recently announced the Stage 1 of Counter Stake — Matic’s incentivized testnet program. The initial nodes were run by Matic Foundation and we onboarded more external validators to the network. Our plan is to gradually include more validators to the network during the course of the event.


  • Since spinning up the new testnet, the network has been running uninterrupted for since the past week.
  • More than 30 validators have been onboarded and running a node.
  • More validators will be joining this week and in the coming weeks.
  • High uptime of nodes has been maintained by almost all the validators.


We had released Linux and Binary packages for validators to setup their nodes. All the 10 external validators that were selected were successfully running their nodes.

Issue encountered

While the network was running by validators now, the team was continuously monitoring the network to look for any changes and we found an issue in one of the contracts that were deployed. A non-trivial bug was detected with the staking contracts and we upgraded the testnet and associated contracts and had we continued with that, we would have a lot of difficulties onboarding newer validators to the list.


We figured the best solution would be to spin up a new testnet and update all the contracts according to our findings and deploy them for the new testnet. In order to give the initial list of participants a fair chance, we wanted them to re-onboard on the new testnet first and once they are set up, we added more validators gradually.

Once the initial validators were setup, we announced the next 20 validators that were added to the network.

Things to look forward to:

  • Bug Bounties - There will bounties for bugs that are found and reported during Stage 1 of the Counter Stake program. Details of this will be disclosed later.
  • Validator Dashboard - A notoriously simple tool to view all the stats of validators
  • Validator Dashboard Guide - A easy to read guide explaining all the features of the Dashboard
  • Ankr One-click-setup - Easy setup of Matic Node without going through the pain of installing different components
  • Mini Contests - We’ll be running mini-contests for validators to earn more rewards.

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