Counter Stake Validator List - Wave 1

Thanks for being patient with us throughout these days. We have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to make Stage 1 a success. We even encountered some gruelling last minute problems that caused numerous delays in the launch of Stage 1.

Nevertheless, after a lot of sleepless nights and cups of coffee, we are happy to announce that Stage 1 has officially started :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

As previously communicated, we will have nodes run by both, the Matic Foundation and by the public external validators. Here is the initial set of paricipants that were randomly selected to become a validator. We will releasing more slots gradually during the course of the event.

List of initial participants
@thinkgod - 0x641b654b8903bada337b3d7abf4533d6ebab0f49
@Marius | Ubik Capital - 0xC869a1389cab3594175f7a017e4b932C9E982434
@scraido - 0x299b22fFD5C1A23D42199Ab80C6AbFb1004beAe7
@Shai - 0x4d27A3b75Ff79cD70a8BA91518e35f1D1Dc1C26d
@Hunterr84 - 0x6B89C1891d51BBf9deE130839d5e727463660433
@Yenisend - 0x8fBfc8F59bF076fb82866D7058eE0B8EDeB1CE67
@snegkovka - 0xf8d1127780b89f167cb4578935e89b8ea1de774f
@PatrickL - 0xBC7eCD68f3729eE68Ec5f627A4B993B916867a23
@Medved - 0x77Ad1539fAB684b6E6001780922CF4F453abf63E
@Allen | HashQuark - 0xCc9caE3d07A7De1A7a60587B22A1EF607E4c4AFE

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