Counter Stake Stage 1 Winners

As we have already announced previously, we have now started with Stage 2 on the current testnet CS 2006. You can read our summary for Stage 1 in our recent blog post here:

For the Mini-contests we had already announced the winners during the competition, however, this list will contain the winners from those contests as well as Uptime. Since there were no bug bounties formulated during the course of Stage 1, we have forwarded that amount to Stage 2.

Uptime calculation
We have calculated uptime based on participation in all testnets whilst maintaining and running a node for the duration of all testnets. All downtimes because of bugs and internal issues are disregarded. For folks who have joined in during CS-2006, we have considered them too, however, the rewards will be less in terms of the others.

Claim and Restake Reward Mini-contest
As part of our mini-contest series, we had started with Claim and Restake rewards where the first 30 validators who would complete this task would be claimed winners. The winners for this contest was already announced earlier: Mini-Contest Day 1 - Claim Rewards and Re-stake (Winners)

As part of our mini-contest series, we continued with the Delegation activity where we lasted this contest for 4 days as some of the tasks within this activity would take time. We randomly selected the winners for this contest: Mini Contests - Delegation (Restart)

Validator Replacement & Signer Change
Due to the high intensity of these 2 tasks, the participants for these tasks were selected randomly and only a subset was taken forward. Please note that during these, the chose participants replaced their own nodes only and not anyone else’s to maintain parity for all other participating validators.

We thank everyone who participated in Stage 1 for running their nodes and testing the network. It has helped us leap forward to Stage 2.

Please note that, as mentioned earlier during the start of Stage 1, the rewards payout will be in Matic Tokens only.

The winner’s list is mentioned in a Google Spreadsheet:

To all the people that are on the list, please verify that your addresses that we have listed are correct. This is the same address that you used during registration with us. We will be transferring the funds to these addresses only. We won’t be transferring tokens to Exchange accounts separately.

If you have any change in address, please leave a comment in this post.

Stage 2 and onward!
Stay home and stay safe!


Hi. Is it possible to use only one address for rewards?

This one : 0x91b7d3f99533cdA9a27d9Cd4659e4a60A0596e15

Instead of : 0x2c3fDCEf2A7Bf71bcFefb576b4c6A0De4984B225
Just to get all rewards on one wallet.

This can be done. So to confirm, this should be your address for all the rewards right: 0x91b7d3f99533cdA9a27d9Cd4659e4a60A0596e15 @virge_matic

Yes. This is correct.
Thanks you!

Hi Delroy,

For receiving rewards can i use this address;

Instead of address i used to stake,

Thank you very much :pray:

Sure, my address are correct. thanks in advance glad to be here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @delroy,
This is My Address for Rewards


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi,Delroy.I participated in the testnet cs2004/2005/2006,but i’m not in the list,could you check that ? My Address :0xaeac024c62fcaddd3470e0ecea3c09c9154200db

My address is also correct.

Thanks my address is correct.


Thanks, My address are correct:
Huang | Stafi Protocol 0x497B41ce07248b61Af71f58FEd4e07257767Bb80

I didn’t see my address in the form of mini contest day2.
This is My Address for Rewards:
Thank you!

Yes, the address i correct. Thank you

@delroy - please change address for me and baus
SFox - 0x3f95F857F89357fb1592C74dEd1f4556c6272edB
baus - 0x53f0Bf4e2029E7106d0699746c4da795e78070f9

This is my address for rewards

Yes my address is correct.
jericho#1616 | 0xccA196b7E7De8e16A089b9B34be8CA83C26E807C

Can you please change address
@wellbeing#9821 from 0x97546D8169AaB23e45e40f394C326fC5F874E9eb


Please ping me on Discord with the same handle