Counter Stake - New Testnet CS-2006

Hey @everyone

Last week we encountered an issue with a network node code for a circular dependency between Heimdall and Bor which caused multiple issues with CS-2004 and 2005. For CS-2006, we are following a slightly different network rollout strategy. We will be adding validators to the network in a staggered manner in groups of 5-10 over the week.

Initially, we have the Matic Foundation Nodes up and running. We are going to add 8 more validators to the list as of now and subsequently, we will keep adding validators to the list/network throughout the week.

Here is a list of validators that were randomly selected to join the network:

@Marius | Ubik Capital#9009 - 0xC869a1389cab3594175f7a017e4b932C9E982434
@scraido#5056 - 0x299b22fFD5C1A23D42199Ab80C6AbFb1004beAe7

@raulillo#8770 - 0xc4E88c8BaaE79049841750B36e6D10401f1688F5

@ffmad#4360 - 0xd93622443DA1F3e81CdE6E2C0e482b4d8084251a

@virge#8729 - 0x91b7d3f99533cdA9a27d9Cd4659e4a60A0596e15

@gLAd#6226 - 0x0ACc0c820C29A683D11cD35C7e34FA65811E91F5

@Divya#2424 - 0xCeb5E3F7b79e1437cc48acadE00726E9C5dA8E3D

@nikiUL#0060 - 0xe648Df7baea265dd051c2b3B2ac73dEf4fa054b1

We have already sent tokens to all the participants above.

CS-2006 details here:


Heimdall chainID: heimdall-cs2006

Bor chainID: 2006

Staking testnet tokens contract address on Goerli:


You will need to delete all previous entries of Heimdall and Bor you can follow the instructions here: This is in case you are running a previous setup.

Once you are done with this you can then follow the instructions from our docs to setup your nodes. We have 2 different methods to setup nodes:

Linux packages -

Binaries -

Once you’re done with setting up you can then move on to staking on Matic. You can either stake through CLI or use the Dashboard to stake.

Stake through CLI:

Stake through Dashboard:

Note: If you’re running a full node, we recommend not setting it up on a laptop

Happy Staking & Please stay safe!

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Hey Delroy!
I have changed my address before testnet, and taking part in previous version (2005.4 etc) with address 0x277bC0C390917e0588B1Df7173DcbE6f0D9DA111. Fix it please.