Counter Stake - Hotfix CS-2003-2

Hey @everyone

We have encountered a medium severity issue which is causing a failure on the Bor node for some of the validators. This issue was caused because we had set a fixed hard limit of gas for a transaction and this is causing some problems when more validators get added to the network and the gas limit crosses the maximum threshold. We have identified and fixed this issue on our end and have now prepared a Hotfix for this. The hotfix is set for a block height of 86000 and when it reaches this block height (approximately 2 days from now) it will then take the new Gas limit as the threshold. This is what every validator will have to do in order to ensure their nodes are running smoothly:

For linux packages:

  1. Stop Bridge and rest server and heimdall services
    Stop Heimdall: sudo service heimdalld stop
    Stop Bridge: sudo service heimdalld-bridge stop

  2. Uninstall Heimdall by running this sudo dpkg -r matic-heimdall

  3. Download the latest Heimdall package:

  4. Install heimdall by running this sudo dpkg -i matic-heimdall_1.2.3_amd64.deb

  5. Start Heimdall and other services
    Start Heimdall: sudo service heimdalld start
    Start rest-server: sudo service heimdalld-rest-server start
    Start bridge: sudo service heimdalld-bridge start

For Binaries:

  1. Stop Bridge and rest server and heimdall services
    Stop Heimdall: pkill heimdalld
    Stop Bridge: pkill heimdalld-bridge
  2. Uninstall/delete Heimdall binaries from the machine. You need to make sure that you DO NOT delete any other folders manually as this will cause an issue with your config and you may need to start from scratch.
    rm -rf $GOPATH/bin/heimdalld
    rm -rf $GOPATH/bin/heimdallcli
  3. Install Heimdall
    cd $GOPATH/src/
    git clone
    cd heimdall
    git checkout cs-2003-1
    make install
  4. Start Heimdall and other services
    heimdalld start
    heimdalld rest-server
    bridge start --all

All validators - please install and start the node with the updated code - otherwise, your node will panic at block {86000} and you will need to re-sync again from block 0. To avoid this, please update your nodes!

Also, since we will be testing the new upgrade at 86000, please expect some downtime.