Counter Stake - CS 2008 - New Validators (Wave 4)

Hey @everyone

We are glad to announce our latest testnet for Counter Stake Stage 2, CS.2008. This testnet has similar parameters as our Mainnet and more upgrades from CS-2008. However, there are a few things you need to know before you start setting up your Node.

Sentry Node : For validators who will be invited to setup a node for CS-2008 should know that there will be attacks on the network performed. For this, setting up a Sentry Node is would be of great help. As mentioned in our Stage 2 blog post, setting up a Sentry Node has added incentives for it.

Setup Changes : We have also updated our documentation with respect to Sentry. We have segregated the Setup Documentation as With Sentry Node setup and Without Senty Node setup. So as per your choice, you can choose your setup method. So please read the documentation carefully before you start setting up. Nodes running without Sentry will go down in the event of a DDoS attack occurs.

Both testnets , CS-2007 and 2008 will be running simultaneously. However, the validators that will be invited to CS-2008 need not run nodes for both testnets.

Also, we have already invited a few external-validators who will be helping us in performing attacks on the network. We have invited 25 validators to onboard CS-2008, the list of Validators are below:

@George 0×3F21B71F7C5f7733EBf8A9233e9D022baA3713f5
@honeycrypto#7342 0×69FB37aED74f4c0779672Ce4eB592C71366c5421
@maxfil 0xc01e78b56c02c075b51391c27a7b78f39ac3ae3e
@pastukhov#9477 0×08607b513090aa7f9f4614ae76c2d5d22609c7ee
@inunda#0161 0×300c7bbbd6a28b084526b4ebb7a810f51f85dfb4
@Benbag#2700 0×100B86e8D8D65b3F99Ab1E0D236C5108E0f336B0
@Essah#9068 0xbb072ec3eea2e381054edb1ed6376352713bc668
@Volk#3394 0×8032D41E23BEE55222c01fbb7656e2C6766E8090
@Valery#3395 0×1f48C7418CbB17F2b666C27B4a0Ee99bDd79BDAc
@Lev#3011 0xA9C834dcE93C50F4dF9760508239CDBAadEfaEa3
@albert#7189 0×0deD839de4D66f2EC7b51Ca19C2Bfc2d6FB1d54E
@Alexey#7362 0×5039E008979e3a96bD90B6B58015A5f46a693326
@PetrG#3328 0×9Ca7735BB7A5EB1eAE3310ea5E82ce049572d2cc
@RussellGalt#6326 0×67EB7C8f2d8c0Df0729F9a99795b7B2c46c2DB7B
@alexgs#8206 0×207026cfbeb94a5f7810b150314db27951f66dbd
@adaptecon#3947 0×850bae06d8e56a5fd4117640c023f942697d771c
@caligula#2291 0xeb571ef6f80ae4fb2ffe4fb49419929587b8bc27
@traylernemega#6559 0xa722d5ee9da06740873f5aa8749e817558694394
@r3dub#2090 0×18E8c9201e89EaaF657Cb1912AD137436E8a03B1
@wellbeing#9821 0×97546D8169AaB23e45e40f394C326fC5F874E9eb
@gLAd#6226 0×277bC0C390917e0588B1Df7173DcbE6f0D9DA111
@Martin191#8047 0xbc04143bbbf8e832ca225a3945e9e536d7dfb363
@Bruce#3874 0xd90d3546609b776207262aee5e51518f7fade157
@wangqiang#2807 0×5d613b160949a46d390d2e96a2ca19877cab91ca
@ARTEM LAZAREV#5646 0×045Eaa81A138d3FD31f395d2a12D4DaE2eAf064F
@Gordon#1303 0xb6461e8583eb7f79724489f348e1b2c3ffaf01f0
@Dallas 0×0682a83edfaae27ffa80ccb898caaccd895ee263
@CocamL#9607 0×50780e6ab93bbf35019d35e39956447fc3018b12
@udinujang#6637 0×9687E7Df8E994082AbAa9d0068aFBA486F2Ee84e
@kenaard 0xc9826cfee215fd9ca009d4b34b95ae5d1c1992da
Before you proceed, if you’re using the same machine/vm to setup CS-2008 node then you will need to make sure that you delete all remnants of CS-2007 first and only then start with CS-2008 setup.

CS-2008 details here

Repository :

Heimdall chainID : heimdall-cs2008

Bor chainID : 2008

Staking testnet tokens contract address on Goerli : 0xAFfb23A344B7ebdf4Ea6B5ec27ECC00D12fecd77

We have 2 different methods to set up nodes, with and without Sentry Nodes

With Sentry Nodes :

Linux packages - 8

Binaries - 1

Without Sentry Nodes :

Linux Packages : 4

Binaries :

Once you’re done with setting up you can then move on to staking on Matic. You can either stake through CLI Or through the Staking Dashboard.

Stake through CLI :

Stake through Dashboard :