Counter Stake - CS 2007 - New Validators Wave 3

Hi @everyone

As mentioned earlier, we have invited more validators to join our latest testnet, CS-2007. For details on how to setup your node is mentioned below.

List of Validators invited:

@theo|stakethat 0x673447F1980bCb5C644379d7F1a6834C5Ec9c04e

@Dmitry D | RVC 0x6dB408dE4f31F471afc030f1B93b8e4D614Dc0Cc

@Gordon#1303 0xb6461e8583eb7f79724489f348e1b2c3ffaf01f0

@udinujang#6637 0x9687E7Df8E994082AbAa9d0068aFBA486F2Ee84e

@ARTEM LAZAREV#5646 0x045Eaa81A138d3FD31f395d2a12D4DaE2eAf064F

@eason 0x5Be3a4B4EDC39D58cF7e3556eA9E1E271F6d8b73

@inv0ke#8068 0x19a8be9065a32687b6Ca56a1Cd4Df99E5CbAdE2d

@sergey 0xD8BcDEC28b4e7B3Dd35849e5f9a14dD725C74bED

@ushakov 0xB1869052fE6E055b45ae79B0B59d15A14bbA05fa

@AG 0xF0A1aC62EA6bfa3AA0912f3A69C9d2a4b432E443

@nikodean LDA 0x410DD35238652773B8Fe2EC72abD07eFF653805c

zillabytes#3345 0xc6375E71103A85241e474c18a5941011D9cFf3E8

@gamah#1214 0xdD8E898B37EAF390CF53790f2ea2CABeDac7afA2

@wajdi#8395 0x03d6968F256D052E9e7777361C3AE4bd266088aF

@gLAd#6226 0x277bC0C390917e0588B1Df7173DcbE6f0D9DA111

@dtrackx#0219 0xee95862d71ef684d0765ea06d868bd948dc767fa

@MaskaraChico#1791 0x865D7eb5db37cc02ec209DD778f4e3851a421A20

@HK#0601 0x247490413303cF21b7c86205A25DC4C3A6b74f88

@leon 0x82867ae9FE37E9552e7B3B5829aB4C597c3B4698

@Martin#8047 0xbc04143bbbf8e832ca225a3945e9e536d7dfb363

@wang#2807 0x5d613b160949a46d390d2e96a2ca19877cab91ca

@Bruce#3874 0xd90d3546609b776207262aee5e51518f7fade157

@Dallas 0x0682a83edfaae27ffa80ccb898caaccd895ee263

@CocamL#9607 0x50780e6ab93bbf35019d35e39956447fc3018b12

@ibirawlife 0x598d1E813A42c780c060E290568CB2f7A00b8493

@OkeSip 0x73cf954d4FC4207Fbdf2352004a851B4681AC392

We have already sent tokens to all the participants above.

CS-2007 details here:


Heimdall chainID: heimdall-cs2007

Bor chainID: 2007

Staking testnet tokens contract address on Goerli:


You will need to delete all previous entries of Heimdall and Bor you can follow the instructions here: This is in case you are running a previous setup.

Once you are done with this you can then follow the instructions from our docs to setup your nodes. We have 2 different methods to setup nodes:

Linux packages -

Binaries -

Once you’re done with setting up you can then move on to staking on Matic. You can either stake through CLI or the Dashboard.

Stake through CLI:

Stake through Dashboard:

Note: If you’re running a full node, we recommend not setting it up on a laptop

Happy Staking & Please stay safe!

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great! my node is up :slight_smile: