Counter Stake - CS 2006 - New Validators (Wave 5)

Hey @everyone

As mentioned earlier, we will be adding validators to the staggered manner. Here is the list of the next 25 validators who are selected to join the network.

@Alexzzz#3490 0xf28a32ade05be74fbd37c19e7455534e85f22f32

@climatejustice#2724 0x57e5C000F34A43f8DF7e8aAbEf216851Ca8b49BE

@Kitfrag#0272 0x763b03c261eDA576A23E7A17cb0A1E81Bb10179A

@howardhali#5786 0x51b8b441dd534c2730b68c9656de095f4441cb8d

@Medved#5162 0x77Ad1539fAB684b6E6001780922CF4F453abf63E

@Peres#4547 0x08Ef10d91248Ef6373D9c8239CEEBa6536454aF3

@Gena#2746 0x880d71ee80F26246F31f2703C763B1FD73Be9eD7

@MDOC5000 0x04B9f8Fe35d83a8301c2565CEFC828d9B4c1147e

@raghu195138 0x470a62EA521e2A789b9905c8d6e4Be643C21d9c1

@Seb#4944 0x8D69f23620d86E68230BB2FF1B9Cd1Df6Ad17De5

@mina5555 0xee49ed975c29c566ba65f8955218b518850194cf

@bharat001#9332 0xFd372e11b673150C30DcB75A0F6f22138C509319

@damir 0x7546bEDDeA259011A5B2Dfd5CFE506E7992e64B6

@dvb#1392 0x32477E70b660272f514978185cF14a0c6Fc68019

@egor.egorov#1116 0x9C8B0AfA322d38a8422c15746fF4B293f893A35b

@Sashko 0x652b87123371114EDC8A7B1CE5b3c05CF860FE38

@imran2#8527 0x8F6E8EC719ee83027fa21EAC034435958556C95E

@Satucn#3528 0x1d86c4fd061623360eef87c6bc2a36da2e814123

@Zvchai#0444 0x2314f1870f040983e64373ba3c33d025cdde7bb6

@craigi#2778 0xfeacb72a13bce548d55006a5a07b2444c1d9bccd

@adaptecon#3947 0x850bae06d8e56a5fd4117640c023f942697d771c

@kapecizvelet#9711 0xce717b0a1ee4869fe9075838ddb59b78176b1ce9

@epicrisetwins#7145 0xe54254df5fd88b4d673fd9ec5e40ebccb2b51ed3

@oddinweb#5532 0xf6537ff61fbd16d870753f846aeed0eb74975f98

@bestlet#9508 0x50364DAD1111dFC10FcCbDe515c51D27336C1553

We have already sent tokens to all the participants above.

CS-2006 details here:


Heimdall chainID: heimdall-cs2006

Bor chainID: 2006

Staking testnet tokens contract address on Goerli:


You will need to delete all previous entries of Heimdall and Bor you can follow the instructions here: This is in case you are running a previous setup.

Once you are done with this you can then follow the instructions from our docs to setup your nodes. We have 2 different methods to setup nodes:

Linux packages -

Binaries -

Once you’re done with setting up you can then move on to staking on Matic. You can either stake through CLI or use the Dashboard to stake.

Stake through CLI:

Stake through Dashboard:

Note: If you’re running a full node, we recommend not setting it up on a laptop

Happy Staking & Please stay safe!