Counter Stake - CS 2006 - New Validators (Wave 3)

Hey @everyone

As mentioned earlier, we will be adding validators to the staggered manner. Here is the list of the next 20 validators who are selected to join the network.

@Ionut S. | Chainode Capital#8971 0x7Ae61c696696398FE100E0F813F96FFafE5Dad4d

@eason 0x5Be3a4B4EDC39D58cF7e3556eA9E1E271F6d8b73

@soph 0x7378bC4eb1598B131355c7Ba363392848Eb9F333

@Ana-Maria#1839 0xe11fEe543b9090f43430074f397c5Eae568da6FB

@RussellGalt#6326 0x67EB7C8f2d8c0Df0729F9a99795b7B2c46c2DB7B

@mabaluru 0xB8C6E43f37E04A2411562a13c1C48B3ad5975cf4

@Matt Harrop / Figment Network#7027 0x730Bb7A959BE493D4F3bb960185Ea0df989D4A7F

@Albert Chon#2889 0xa40f62DCDB922CE501cEb5062D2bF45DB2291535

@baus | 0x53f0Bf4e2029E7106d0699746c4da795e78070f9

@izotdm#6797 0x5b6d16b1c9Af00686393bDc21e8d8Bd9a48E2630

@r3dub#2090 0x18E8c9201e89EaaF657Cb1912AD137436E8a03B1

@mbrivio 0xf9413729b326c8477f148Da0e25101f48d7f4104

@niuniu | Bit Cat#9001 0x9Beebb1230D10a4fD6D0b0BcdF3a68f0b0364F55

@nshrd#3066 0x0796e37e28356d3438b7428240b7b914dcaede39

@Koen#4700 0xD3136a99Be75bEB3565c386cA28076E3A5621C56

@traylernemega#6559 0xa722d5ee9da06740873f5aa8749e817558694394

@caligula#2291 0xeb571ef6f80ae4fb2ffe4fb49419929587b8bc27

@wellbeing#9821 0x97546D8169AaB23e45e40f394C326fC5F874E9eb

@gamah#1214 0xdD8E898B37EAF390CF53790f2ea2CABeDac7afA2

OkeSip#7763 - 0x73cf954d4FC4207Fbdf2352004a851B4681AC392

We have already sent tokens to all the participants above.

CS-2006 details here:


Heimdall chainID: heimdall-cs2006

Bor chainID: 2006

Staking testnet tokens contract address on Goerli:


You will need to delete all previous entries of Heimdall and Bor you can follow the instructions here: This is in case you are running a previous setup.

Once you are done with this you can then follow the instructions from our docs to setup your nodes. We have 2 different methods to setup nodes:

Linux packages -

Binaries -

Once you’re done with setting up you can then move on to staking on Matic. You can either stake through CLI or use the Dashboard to stake.

Stake through CLI:

Stake through Dashboard:

Note: If you’re running a full node, we recommend not setting it up on a laptop

Happy Staking & Please stay safe!