Counter Stake - CS 2006 - New Validators (Wave 1)

Hey @everyone

As mentioned earlier, we will be adding validators to the staggered manner. Here is the list of the next 10 validators who are selected to join the network.

@sdsad#0057 - 0x4919c36f52865d018499e79F6bb216107B57168A

@Shai#1550 - 0x4d27A3b75Ff79cD70a8BA91518e35f1D1Dc1C26d

@snegkovka#9559 - 0xf8d1127780b89f167cb4578935e89b8ea1de774f

@@Dmitry D#9033 - 0xEf2E5a9D81b3294E08d18E4cf6C1cf362D135A5e

@Goldberg - 0xBedCde6d963e81aF8AAd356A16478CF5DE78c028

@YieldWallet-Gautam#4458 - 0x70432FE7B0D1130DA2e3c22Be4FB7F2ECc2883B3

@Martin191#8047 - 0xbc04143bbbf8e832ca225a3945e9e536d7dfb363

@Shen | Bi23#6675 - 0xc78a748DcCBD806ae782EB3b8590ae7d162E5A90

@jericho#1616 - 0xccA196b7E7De8e16A089b9B34be8CA83C26E807C

@Jsk79 - 0x9cE15EE48da221b1c8a5c9204E11fc62F7dd6B25

We have already sent tokens to all the participants above.

CS-2006 details here:


Heimdall chainID: heimdall-cs2006

Bor chainID: 2006

Staking testnet tokens contract address on Goerli:


You will need to delete all previous entries of Heimdall and Bor you can follow the instructions here: This is in case you are running a previous setup.

Once you are done with this you can then follow the instructions from our docs to setup your nodes. We have 2 different methods to setup nodes:

Linux packages -

Binaries -

Once you’re done with setting up you can then move on to staking on Matic. You can either stake through CLI or use the Dashboard to stake.

Stake through CLI:

Stake through Dashboard:

Note: If you’re running a full node, we recommend not setting it up on a laptop

Happy Staking & Please stay safe!

Hi Team,

Thanks for electing me this time, I was using different address because I had some issues with the address I gave, can you please replace my address with new address.

Please replace “0x9cE15EE48da221b1c8a5c9204E11fc62F7dd6B25” with “0x6776786C6590dcd66b2018Db5425749f6334AE69” I will transfer the tokens by myself, thanks for your help and consideration.