Counter Stake - CS 2004 - New Validators (Wave 5)

Hey @everyone

New Validators Incoming!!

As promised, we are releasing the next set of validators to join the Network.

Here is the list of validators that were randomly selected for becoming a validator:

@Martin191#8047 0xbc04143bbbf8e832ca225a3945e9e536d7dfb363
@aynelis#8284 0xAbB9D8644E56cB77C8593d317D84E428357f7CC5
@Bruce#3874 0xd90d3546609b776207262aee5e51518f7fade157
@wangqiang#2807 0x5d613b160949a46d390d2e96a2ca19877cab91ca
@howardhali#5786 0x51b8b441dd534c2730b68c9656de095f4441cb8d
@JohnsonG Newbird#4802
@VITALIY BARANOVICH#3140 0x4F9EC31106cBa797C7f23D3805Abf645e13563bB
@MARIIA LAZAREVA#9176 0x09efd0d038dab6aDf8436118DBD51b117B50d4F3
@ARTEM LAZAREV#5646 0x045Eaa81A138d3FD31f395d2a12D4DaE2eAf064F
@Gordon727#1303 0xb6461e8583eb7f79724489f348e1b2c3ffaf01f0
@wilson#4472 0xb6d1237ca6e0ad798ecf0ec867b17b63d1740b94
@Dallas pdxchain#0061
@Satucn#3528 0x1d86c4fd061623360eef87c6bc2a36da2e814123
@Zvchai#0444 0x2314f1870f040983e64373ba3c33d025cdde7bb6
@craigi#2778 0xfeacb72a13bce548d55006a5a07b2444c1d9bccd
@CocamL#9607 0x50780e6ab93bbf35019d35e39956447fc3018b12
@Herozwc#4112 0xaeac024c62fcaddd3470e0ecea3c09c9154200db
@Nanodo ZWC#3277
@udinujang#6637 0x9687E7Df8E994082AbAa9d0068aFBA486F2Ee84e
@Fehmism#8816 0x58d4ad5f74b821c5551136b9d1484da25adf8503
@Dmitry D#9033 0xEf2E5a9D81b3294E08d18E4cf6C1cf362D135A5e
@inv0ke#8068 0x19a8be9065a32687b6Ca56a1Cd4Df99E5CbAdE2d
@ALEKSANDR KOLODIN#5747 0x9397C1d08bbd7B06f63B73753c17B8689Ee237b1
zillabytes#3345 0xc6375E71103A85241e474c18a5941011D9cFf3E8
@gamah#1214 0xdD8E898B37EAF390CF53790f2ea2CABeDac7afA2
@AKS MINER#4339 0xB9C84c639F8bdC3c4D3082562d69afbF8b2003e5
@wajdi#8395 0x03d6968F256D052E9e7777361C3AE4bd266088aF
@gLAd#6226 0x277bC0C390917e0588B1Df7173DcbE6f0D9DA111
@dtrackx#0219 0xee95862d71ef684d0765ea06d868bd948dc767fa
@MaskaraChico#1791 0x865D7eb5db37cc02ec209DD778f4e3851a421A20
@SHAIK#1409 0xA2a4b5268CdA5D56bE142040Fee7C0fD7A91Fba3
@HK#0601 0x247490413303cF21b7c86205A25DC4C3A6b74f88

Please note that nodes running by the Matic Foundation will be replaced by public validators.

To set up your node and to become a validator you will need to follow the instructions below:

We currently have setup configurations for Linux and Binaries.

  1. Setup your Heimdall and Bor nodes using either Linux of Binaries

Linux packages:


If you’re facing any issues with Heimdall after setting up, you can run the command heimdalld unsafe-reset-all and then try starting Heimdall again.

Once you have setup your nodes you will need to stake on Matic to become a validator.

  1. Stake on Matic -

We have already sent tokens to all the selected validators.

We also have our Validator Dashboard up and running: . You can stake on Matic using the dashboard as well as view all validator details in one single screen.

CS-2004 details here:

Repository :

Heimdall chainID : heimdall-cs2004

Bor chainID : 2004

Staking testnet tokens contract address on Goerli:


In case of any queries, please refer to the rules and regulations for Stage 1 here: [Communications & Reporting Issues for Counter Stake ]

Note: If you’re running a full node, we recommend not setting it up on a laptop

Happy Staking!

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