Contract deployment stuck after few deployments from a specific EOA

I have been trying this since last week. But unable deploy our all contracts for production release. I tried with different deployer address (EOA) every time after 5 or 6 contract deployment it stuck. I’m using ethers-v5 and alchemy API to send the transactions.

We are scheduled to go to productions. but unable to deploy our smartcontract into polygon network.

I’m getting the transaction into pending state whenever I used another wallet to send the transaction to. No transaction has been initiated since then from that specific EOA. I have tried with different EOA. But after that from community people from telegram channel asking me for wallet validation or such. I don’t understand why a transaction is pending stage that isn’t passing though and not deploying other contracts.

Does anyone faced this kind of issue, Can anyone help me get through this?

My sample transaction that got into pending stage and after that no deployment is happening with that address.

Sure, will do, But is this a wallet issue or node issue?

Hello @Hasnaeen_Ferdous

Thanks for reaching to Polygon Forums.

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