Configure Polygon PoS

This is a machine translation, so there may be errors. Please understand.

I have set up sentry and validator nodes following the instructions in How to Run a Validator Node | Polygon Wiki and connected them to Mumbai.

Installed build-essential
Installed Go 1.19
Installed RabbitMQ
Installed Heimdall 0.3.4
Installed Bor 0.4.0
Configured private connection between the validator node and sentry node.
Verified that in the bor logs of each sentry and validator node, blocks identical to Mumbai are being added on “Imported new chain segment” messages.
I want to change the chainId from 80001 to 30001 or any other value to set up a separate chain and connect it after generating the genesis.json file with the modified chainId. However, when I change the chainId, Bor reports that it can’t find the specified chainId. I’m looking for information or guidance on how to achieve this configuration.