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I come here to ask for a budget for participation in the DCENTRAL and CONSENSUS 2022 Conferences, which will be in Austin Texas, between June 6th and 12th


CONSENSUS 2022 - Consensus 2022 Presented by CoinDesk | June 9-12, 2022

Both events have a huge focus on NFTs and Metaverse and are perfect for the community we are creating in Brazil.

I represent Web 3 Education. I create content about Web 3, Metaverse and NFTs (games, music and sports) for Brazilians and we are creating a very strong community. I’m traveling in the US and it would be amazing to be able to visit both events.

Web 3 Education

Website –

Youtube –

What I’m looking for is a one-time funding for conferences only (if you think it’s too much, it can be just 1)

Some of the objectives of participating in these conferences are:

• Raise awareness of Web3 Education and our activities to a wider audience – we will do this through daily calls on our channels and partners

• Build contacts with web 3 professionals, metaverses and NFTs and discover new opportunities for creators and investors who follow us

• Bring real-time summaries of each lecture to the Brazilian public with videos on our channel and articles on our website – This will bring the news in Portuguese to our community of artists and gamers

• Lives at the conference’s location showing the news of the NFT universe – This allows our audience to imagine and research innovations that they can apply

• Creation of NFTs in Polygon of the event and drop for our community – This creates an increase in the number of Polygon wallets for those who wish to receive the drop.

• Interviewing/Talking with authorities and Polygon projects - Enable approximation with Polygon projects and bring rich content to our community.

As success metrics, I want to be able to increase the number of Polygon wallets created, increase the number of followers, get good feedback from those who follow me, etc.


June 6th and 7th – DCENTRAL

June 9th to 12th - CONSENSUS

Financing Details:

Tickets: Dcentral = $499.00; Consensus = $1199.00

Accommodation: 6 nights x ±$100 = $600.00

Shipping = I will pay

Food = I will pay

Other costs = I will pay

Total = $2298.00

I hope these goals and metrics are good enough to receive the budget but I am open to ideas and challenges

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Thanks for this, great work showing initiative!

You could apply for a grant, however my understanding is we don’t fund events.

If you’re a Polygon Advocate you can try the Advocates program or Polygon Guilds, I believe those programs have budgets, but again it’s to promote Polygon not other people’s projects.

Outside of maybe a grant from Gitcoin or something I’m not really sure what options there are for these types of out of pocket expenses.

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Hey @jcosta ,

It’s nice to see your enthusiasm & zeal in pursuit of web3 adoption. Brazil has huge potential. Oflate, I’ve been hearing lots of web3 IRL events taking place there. Being a content creator, enthusiasts like you are the backbone of crypto space.

On close perusal of your proposal, i think you should approach “Polygon Advocates” channel on Polygon main discord (Don’t get confused by Polygon dao discord). You will get prompt reply & the help you need. All the very best.


Thanks for the help @CoachViking
Im going to consider the gitcoin option too

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Hello @Derbygold.eth
Brazil is really a good place to focus. We have so much work to do…and things to show…and we are thinking about creating our own event about web3.
I’m going to talk to polygon advocates…thank you so much.

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