Concerns Around Polygon Influencer Outreach

This post is circulating on Crypto Twitter today. Can someone from the Polygon team confirm if this is a legit communication? Hopefully this is fake. If it is real, I am concerned with how this type of outreach portrays the network.

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The concerns are certainly understandable. It certainly isnt from our team members as we dont believe in engaging in such petty marketing tactics.
We are investigating the origin of this mail internally. :pray:

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Please also i have reported few fake telegram channels that are selling polygondao token… Please make announcement on tg and twitter about token is not out yet.
Thank you​:pray::pray::pray:

As discussed also on Discord, to me this mail seems suspicious, there are syntax and grammatical errors and the use of the old matic logo that sets me in alert mode. Could this be from someone not anymore in the team that still have access to the mail server?
Anyway I think that nick.eth could have reached the team prior to drop such a “shitpost”, seems like a deliberate attack on Polygon for whatever reason. Just my 2c.

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Agreed. There are those who only enjoy the smear, not the substance.

Still this response is concerning and here for the proof as well:

The SFP and DKIM headers all check out. If it’s not from you, whoever it is would seem to have control over your mail signing keys.

I know the team has said they did not approve this outreach, but it appears to have come from someone with official access. We need a follow up with results of the internal investigation.

I love the Polygon product, but this type of PR is detrimental to the brand.

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