Community Initiatives For The EcoDAO

Hello Polygon Ecosystem DAO Members!!!

We are looking to strengthen relations and participation within the DAO. Some feedback and direction regarding how we can best go about implementing this initiative would be really appreciated!

We all come from different backgrounds and have different backstories. This is something to celebrate as each of us is unique and we each bring our own unique skillsets to the table.

To help people feel enthusiastic, welcome, and motivated to show up & partake in the DAO’s endeavours we have been requested to consider spinning up some of the following events:

  • Saturday Socials; Get to know each other in a more casual and fun environment. Let’s video game out, do trivia and do other fun-type activities
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Physical health initiatives
  • Fellowship drive (moderation, marketing, networking, DAO working basics etc)
  • AMA’s with Genesis team/ Core Contributors on Ecosystem DAO initiatives, success, learnings and action plan
  • Coach Viking is willing to do weekly mobility classes, box breathing trainings, and other health-focused trainings for members

We’re happy to support the community and provide some avenues within the Ecosystem DAO to support your wellbeing. Dually, it would be nice to explore different avenues to get to know each other in light of travel restrictions and current events.

Let’s have a conversation around this! What kind of topics or events would you like to see us implement for you in the community? Or how would you flesh out some of the ideas that have been requested already?


This sounds really good!

I’d probably just add polygon project’s AMA’s and other kind of talks from big and small projects, see what’s their vision and what other projects can learn from them.

Looking forward to all of this :slight_smile:


This is for sure in the pipeline, we had some offline AMA’s that waiting to be edited with projects! We’re looking to increase the ‘live’ activities as well.

Great post coach!


For sure enti, they didn’t get listed here however we also have:

AMA’s with Grantees
DAOlationships events co-hosted with other communities/DAO’s (our first learn and grow was yesterday, Feb 27th at 2pm EST we have a social hangout in the server, alternating every other week).

Attendance and engagement are welcomed across the board, we’re getting our promotions ready for things we’ve already committed to while we look for more :wink:


1.) Mobility classes & physical health initiative should be given utmost priority. Many DAO members are fast losing out. Thankfully, i have been a stock trader all my life, hence i have been taking care of my mental & physical health and escaped burnouts till now.

2.) The most interesting socials i experienced is conducting quiz in Google meet. The questions were centered around personal life or personalities of other dao members. Never seen dao members getting to know eachother faster & in a jovial way. Few examples:- a.) Posting a dao member’s childhood pic & asking others to guess. b.) Which dao member has been absented from most community calls ? c.) Which member replies quickest & fastest ? Etc…

Never saw such community interaction full of witty dialogues & giggles & one-liners. All participants enjoyed to the core & brought everyone closer.


I don’t want this to be a shill… but, we have similar goals on uniting communities on the network.

Would love to collaborate on


Hey ghostofpolygon, can u pls explain a bit about what you are mentioning above… Thanks …

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Hi!!! sure.

We are going to write deep dive blog posts (Packy McKormick style) on web3 projects built on Polygon. We believe this will be great for uniting the ecosystem and gives projects visibility into the other incredible things being built on our network.

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Hey so we already have teams doing content, AMAs and all sorts of stuff for Grantees.
The EcoDAO currently is primarily focused on people who receive grants from us.

You can maybe help the team, however, you need to be in discord to communicate and coordinate with us.

To me it just sounds like a competing workstream doubling content we’re already doing

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