Communications & Reporting Issues for Counter Stake

If you come across any issues during the Stage 1 event, the Counter Stake channel on Discord should be where you post all your queries. Our Discord channel is where you would receive an immediate response.

Discord Channel -

If you want to start a discussion regarding anything related to Counter Stake, you should be creating a new topic on Matic Forum website -

In case you encounter blockers or high severity bugs, you can report all such issues/bugs directly to Github issues of respective repositories.

For an issue you have encountered specifically with Heimdall or Heimdall related, you can create an issue in the Heimdall repository:

For issues, you have encountered specifically with Bor or Bor related, you can create an issue in the Bor repository:

For clear identification, you can also use labels to tag the issues reported.

Upon reporting an issue, the Matic Project team will review and update/comment on the status of the issue. Depending on the severity of the issue, the Matic project team may request you to create a PR to provide a fix. Bounties and incentives would be provided for such issues.

Details regarding the incentives will be disclosed later.