Coinmandeer is here! :)

Basic Introduction:
Ma name is Coinmandeer and I’m long term user of Polygon network (more than 10k txs), I joined the day when Aavegotchi have its first Gotchi release and since then I’m playing daily and trying to help build Aavegotchi ecosystem.

Professional Background:
I’m senior UX/UI Designer, so if you need any help with your dApp, Tool or whatever - just let me know :slight_smile:

Interests in Web3:
Really seeking for some usable privacy and anonymous tools (like ZKbob, Railgun etc.), also I’m core member of Web3privacy movement

Feature Recommendations:
It would be great, if I can stake MATIC on Polygon and not just on ETH Mainnet … I’m using Stader, but that 3rd party solution - please fix :slight_smile:

Current Projects:

Learning and Development:
nope, everything is pretty smooth nowadays.

Community Engagement:
I’m looking for someone to build privacy tools with me - like privacy explorer.
Also I’m fan of building cool tools, so if you have any idea what could help Aggregation layer, then contact me od Debank.

Future Aspirations:
Future is that nobody know on what chain is currently connected - everything streams down to ETH.

Fun Facts:
I’m also VJ (live visuals)

Connect and Collaborate:
Connect on Debank