Coinbase transfer to coinbase wallet on the polygon network gone wrong

Here’s the deal. I am a low grade investor with little funds and little knowledge but stumbled across polydoge and wanted to invest so I looked on the site at my investment options and coinbase wallet was my only option listed option, so I read through how to do it and followed step by step, installed coinbase wallet, linked it to my account went into settings, and changed the network to polygon, then went to coinbase pulled half of my shib to the polygon(matic) option on coinbase(300ish) went back to the wallet selected transfer while still on the poly network and transfered the polygon(matic) coin. 15 minutes passed before it finally stopped pending and confirmed the transaction. But it still wasn’t showing up on my coinbase wallet. I closed reopened and nothing.
Changed to eth and nothing. After 30 minutes I checked again and still nothing. Confirmed nothing glitched with the wallet addresses on both apps then emailed coinbase wallet support about it. HR or so later I gotta reply and they said to log out and back in if that didn’t work force stop if still no reinstall. Well I logged out back in and it appears finally. But then I checked the network and it defaulted back to eth network. That’s when I discovered how separated block chains are and how little I understand I emailed them back and started researching.

A little side note a few months back I got started on brave frontier heroes before the matic merge on trust wallet. When it launched I was able to somehow get matic from coinbase onto the polygon network for the app. It was only like 6 dollars.
I don’t remember if the matic was sent or if I had to send eth and then the app changed it. I know I sent one to my trust wallet and had to go in-between the app and trust wallets dapp a few times to figure anything out and end up getting it to work so I could draw my daily sell.

Now back to it,
I ended up emailing a few more times as I progressed through and still no reply so I’m seeking help elsewhere and as a bit of a hermit I don’t know many nor talk to many much less post or use forums so this is a long shot to me here from thinking y’all might be able to help me understand.
After researching I learnt about etherscan and it’s helped a little bit as well as discovering that matic has
Matic network(erc20), Matic Token (bep20), and Polygon(matic) coin versions.
-The listing on coinbase and it’s wallet is Polygon(Matic)
When I realized how any transferring to another wallet was gonna be 60-100 I ended up on the matic bridge and changing the rest of my shib into eth to transfer to the wallet so I could do it that way.
Ended up losing all that by trying to transfer it through 3 separate transactions due to clicking the etherscan and then not knowing how to resume where it left off. The first took around 160(I think I’m not sure my figures are being ballparked due to sleep deprivation and obsessional effort to resolve this and make my investment in polydoge so hopefully it will all be worth the 600 dollars, so bear with me plz)
and failed due to running out of gas a couple hrs later of my research and random contract confirmation on trust wallet(discovered I could link my cbw to my trust wallet for alerts that’s where I discovered cbw had received the Erc20 version not the coin version like trustw had.) And another pending transaction had happened hoping I checked and again it had failed due to gas running out yanking 62 of the remaining 68 with it.
I have looked from so method of turning the Erc20 into the coin and no think it’s a futile effort but I’m trying my hardest to understand how if all 3 tokens share the same wallet addresses, and I placed the transfer from the polynet to receive the matic version of the token from what’s suppose to be the coin version how did it end up going to the Erc20 wallet instead of the coin, or if anything the bep20 version that from my understanding is polygons version(earlier I thought binances and could still be lost in space on it so feel free to correct if I’m mistaken)
Can someone in this community help me understand or point me to another community to try copy and pasting to?
Any knowledge, insight, or wisdom is greatly appreciated.

And yes I know I screwed up like a newbie and shoulda gone smaller with my efforts…and researched more first to help keep my loses down. Critiscm acknowledged lol hind sight leveled up

Oh yeah I tried another small transaction on coinbase of matic to trust wallet after I had enabled both bep20 and erc20 versions to try figuring it out and it went to erc20 as well. After that I looked at coinbases infopage view more for polygon (matic) on it checking it for a erc20 or coin factor and it said Matic Token up near the polygon(matic) which is the Bep20 version on trust wallet not the Erc20 version.

@ZeroX Ignore @JamesKevin he’s a scammer, he will try to redirect you to a different website where support will ask for your seed phrase.

Wait for @shubhangi to reply.

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Thank ye very much for the heads up

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I didn’t send anything to the exchange I transfered from the exchange to my wallet and it was on the poly network until I was told to log out and back in then it finally appeared but as the erc20 version. I had been told transferring to the wallet while it was on the poly net would have the poly matic sent but it didn’t. So I’m stuck with 200 something erc 20 matic because all my ethereum got burnt up trying to use the polygon matic bridge and my transactions running out of gas before completion.

That’s what I was trying to do when the ethereum got burnt up by gas running out at over 90% twice in a row. That’s the matic bridge I was talking about

Sure will do as soon as I get a chance.
When I googled polygon support it brought up two different results which one do I need to submit it to?

NVM found it