Civilization: Decentralized Finance for Everyone

Civilization is a DAO that aims to create safe, passive-income generating tools for DeFi. Our mission is to bring true decentralized finance to the masses, both those already in crypto and those that aren’t. Our first product, CivTrade, brings true on-chain limit orders and the cheapest swap fees on ETH and MATIC. It is also the first on-chain order book launched on Ethereum.

We foster human prosperity by accelerating the democratization of finance through the DeFi space. We do this by leveraging opportunities we identify in the space and open it up to all. Our ethos is driven by our unwavering conviction in the ideals of community, anonymity, respect, and meritocracy with razor sharp focus. Decentralized liquidity provision is the niche where we outwork our strategy primarily, building on Uniswap’s concentrated liquidity and pooling individuals together to collectively become a LP.

Team Members:
Sator (founder):
Dexman (lead dev):
Iceman (marketing lead):
Falco (DAO lead):
And many others as we are a worldwide, community lead organization

Linktree: @civfund | Linktree


I tried CivTrade, set up on the polygon network and set buy and sell orders on a totally DeFi platform like CivTrade, a beauty


I love CivTrade. You have to try it!

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