Chaindata Snapshots Community Update

heyy all!! Polygon’s latest compressed snapshots have landed for all 6 snapshot combinations we support: bor-mainnet, bor-mumbai, heimdall-mainnet, heimdall-mumbai, erigon-mainnet-archive, erigon-mumbai-archive (

note: moving forward, our plan is to only support monthly compressed, pruned snapshots for the above networks (potential for 2x a month). this decision follows work that’s progressing on a community-driven “snapshot aggregator” system. having a snapshot aggregator system, powered by a party of snapshot providers, will add important redundancies and improve reliability of node bootstrapping. moreover, other snapshot providers are free to refactor and improve upon our logic to drive efficiencies and introduce new features like daily incremental snapshots. we have plans to open-source our snapshot scripts for community reference.

to summarize, on Polygon’s side moving forward, our plan is to only provide snapshots for the above networks on the 1st day of every month. exact landing time depends on network / chaindata size. please expect more updates on the snapshot aggregator system over the next few months!!