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The reason is obvious: we weren’t the only Phone Number List ones who wanted to tell the media. The publication moment was simply too busy. Our tip : choose the right time to publish a message. Around well-known commercial days such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, et Phone Number List cetera, it is difficult to stand out among the message violence. If your brand is less known, you quickly lose it to more famous brands. If your message is then little shared, it is a waste of effort. 5. Set clear Phone Number List targets & allow for spontaneity Targets give direction to a campaign and create realistic expectations within the organization.

Our target of 15 placements per Phone Number List campaign provides a focus for the team. At the same time, these targets do not have to be limited. Amersfoort Zoo was looking forward with anticipation to the delivery of elephant Indra. The team of Amersfoort Zoo wanted to Phone Number List announce the name of the baby elephant a few days after the birth. After a tip from our agency Metapeople, we decided to act quickly. We made contact with the people of the Zoo and offered to Phone Number List make 10,000 birth announcements to hand out, and of course to make a birth announcement in size for the brand new elephant.

The Zoo team was Phone Number List enthusiastic. The mayor of Amersfoort revealed the birth chart with the name of the elephant on it: It brought brand visibility and 10,000 people getting a ticket, but otherwise it generated relatively little publicity. If you judge Phone Number List it purely on ROI, we shouldn’t be doing something like that anymore. If you look at the energy this released in the team, however, this outreach certainly had its value. Our tip : make a good cost-benefit analysis Phone Number List beforehand and define targets that you want to achieve. At the same time, give space to spontaneous actions.

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