Cannot longer see my staked MATIC

When I land on Polygon Web Wallet v2
I see the following:

but I can see the staked tokens from my ethereum wallet.

@Tinfoilhat sure, let me guess, do you need my wallet seed to verify that?:joy:
I can see that the link you posted points to a different domain ( that looks identical to this forum. I reported it on Google Safe Browsing, so you might have to purchase a new phishing domain soon.

I’m having the same issue this morning. Tried to create a support account but keep getting a Captcha failed message when trying to register.

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@celder1969 Do not click on the linked shared by @Tinfoilhat for any reason and never share any sensitive information with anybody.
My guess is that is just a bug on the main site that hopefully will be fixed soon.
I wanted to unstake my MATIC and move them to Bitfinex because they are offering a 40% APY for a short period of time.
It’s a shame that this forum does not have any moderator.

I logged out of my connected wallet, cleared my browser cache and reconnected my wallet and my staked balance and rewards are showing up again.

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@celder1969 Thanks a lot, clearing the browser cache did the trick!