Can someone inform me on wether I'm fucked or not

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’m running out of places. I made a test transaction yesterday to Metamask (set up the Matic Mainnet there no problems) so I can set that wallet up for staking. I made the test transaction from Binance to Metamask using the Ethereum network because obviously Binance suspended the Matic network. That all went through well on Binance’s end. See screenshot here

So I was like; great! Can’t wait to have it in my wallet and set it up for staking. Was very easy with ADA so I’m sure this will be easy. I’m still waiting however. I kinda just wanna know wether I’m fucked and lost my 83 Matic or am I just impatient?

While loggin to a delegator’s menu do use metamask or different wallet? If yes, does metamask shows wallet ending with 91d5 as primary one, generated with Your seedphrase or is it an adress generated by metamask using ADD or maybe an imported?

Your tokens are on Matics blockchain, use their explorer and You will be able to trace what have happened and contact support if You cannot see or access them. You are lucky because they are clearly on plain sight. I have lost mine in january, when delegation was based on ERC blockchain and smart contract they are using is almost identical but it had a flaw which ended with the same result. I see my tokens, untouched but they are on an adress which is not possible for me to access and etherscan only see one direct transaction, like I would do it by myself. But thanks to You I saw that smart contract You have interacted with was almost the same but have beed adapted to Matics blockchain, and clearly they could not allow themselves to be accused of being incompetent while they were creating it. But now I am almost sure, that it was not my mistake but a bug caused by uncompleted SC.

You have lost only 49
I did lost exactly 47663.

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Hello @Mike_Danxxx @xFSN_Archer

Thanks for reaching to Polygon Forums.

Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible Kindly visit the Matic support live chat website