Call for Community Delegates

Call for Community Delegates

As a system of staker voting is contemplated, the community and the Community Delegates will play a pivotal role in governing Polygon system smart contracts, ensuring a balanced, decentralized, and secure approach to upgrades.

Voters and Community Delegates will act as checks and balances on the Protocol Council’s ability to propose and execute modifications or upgrades. Delegates, among all other voters, will be empowered by their competency of voting and signaling a veto over any regular proposal and scheduled in the timelock by the Protocol Council.

Why get involved?

Becoming a Community Delegate is an opportunity to directly influence the future of Polygon’s governance and system smart contract infrastructure. Your contributions will help shape a secure and efficient network.

All interested and qualified community members are encouraged to express interest in anticipation of the Governance Hub.

Together, the Polygon community will build a robust and resilient governance system. Stay tuned for updates!

How to get involved in preparation for the launch of the Governance Hub:

  1. Introduce Yourself - Use this thread to share your background, expertise, and experience in the blockchain space.
  2. Explain Your Vision/Platform - Describe why you believe you would be a strong Community Delegate and the ways you can contribute in this capacity.
  3. Commitment - Highlight your commitment to the Polygon community, ecosystem, and governance.

Qualities of a great Community Delegate:

  • Technical familiarity with:
    • Distributed systems,
    • Zero-knowledge cryptography (STARKs, SNARKs),
    • Blockchain interoperability solutions (e.g., Cosmos IBC), and;
    • Smart Contract architecture and security.
  • Ability to voting and providing feedback on technical Polygon Improvement Proposals submitted by the Protocol Council.
  • Accountability: As a technical delegate, you will be tasked with keeping the Protocol Council accountable. You should, however, also maintain accountability to the token holders who delegate to you.
  • Active participation in Polygon community spaces, including the forum and discord.

Level Up:


On behalf of Aragon, Governance service providers to Polygon and long-standing community members, we look forward to putting forward a member from our engineering team to participate as a technical community delegate.

The future of Polygon looks bright and we look forward to more deeply participating in it’s growth and security!


Bruno, throwing my hat in the ring for Community Delegate. You can find me on X as @bitfalls.

Started in Eth in 2015 with Solidity tutorials and auditing, then proceeded to do technical writing at Status before going to do tech education for Web3 Foundation and Polkadot, being intimately familiar with novel forms of on-chain governance structures. There I founded a team which created 5+ ERCs for modular NFTs, now in widespread use across the gaming ecosystem, allowing unparalleled compatibility to the point of creating a global item economy for completely unrelated games and protocols.

I believe have a deep enough understanding of technical issues to be able to explain them to the community along with why I am voting the way I am voting. I have a keen interest in governance and I would like the opportunity to affect some change from within.


I’m Masha, and I’m excited to apply for the role of Community Delegate. I’ve been working with Polygon PoS for almost four years now as the Lead Blockchain Manager at Everstake.
During this time, I’ve been deeply involved in the ecosystem, focusing on education, research (can be found here), and staying up-to-date with the latest developments.

I believe that a strong governance system is essential for the future of Polygon. As a Community Delegate, I will:

Ensure proposals and upgrades are secure and beneficial for the network.
Make transparent, informed decisions that reflect the community’s best interests.
Cover, explain and analyze all events and decisions in detail to keep the community up to date.
Encourage active community participation and feedback.

I’m thrilled at the possibility of serving as a Community Delegate and contributing to our collective success. Thank you for considering my application!

If you have any questions - find me on X