Bridge Withdraw Polygon To Eth

I was trying to move some SCA from matic network to ethereum network over POS bridge. For this, I completed the first step from the ScaleSwap website, but the transaction is waiting for approval due to the high gas fee. I want to cancel the pending transaction and get the SCA token to my matic wallet.

Transaction hash:


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Did you fix your problem bro?

Tengo el mismo problema, como lo solucionastes?

que puedo hacer??

Hello same for me, I found no solution anywhere,
I guess it is not possible for now, I hope it will be in future.
Maybe we have to wait few months for eth2.0 which should come with contract execution cost under 1200KWh

@ninjesus any luck over there?

To anyone who might read this message, dont click the link given by the fake account “bendgreat” in messages above. It is a fake domain (notice the dash instead of the dot in domain name), they ask you to connect your wallet and in order to connect you have to put your seed phrase / private key. Clearly a scam
How can we report messages or users there ?

Unfortunate that there is still no solution for this…

this is a scam. I have never experienced anything like this and I regret it very much. i have personally experienced the same situation, I am very interested in what the solution is or is not