Bridge Withdraw Polygon To Eth Problem

About two months ago, I sent some WETH tokens from Polygon to Etherum network. I noticed that the transaction cost was too high, and I could not make the transfer, and it has been suspended so far. I am now asking the support team to cancel the transfer and return my WETH assets to Pligon’s wallet. Thanks a lot
Txn Hash: 0xaaaad7539cdc98eaef0dd5851b172783c0aa9d53e99e788bc66e9cc55845f83c

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I don’t even know how to start a new thread but this is the same issue I have and it’s been ongoing for months.

If I am withdrawing from Polygon to Ether so I have to use WETH or actual ETH for the fee (that is around $200). I did it and it was in WETH but I think now it’s telling me it needs to be ETH!

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