Bridge matic to ethereum checkpoint problem

I started to bridge from matic to ethereum, checkpoint was ok now I’m trying to complete the transaction but it say I don’t have enough eth for the transaction…

i have more eth than required, Should I have some eth on the matic adress or on the eth adress to complete the bridge?

I send some eth to my eth adress so I’m sure I have more eth than the required for gas fee… so how is it possible? I have more eth than the gas fee required so why it say I don’t have?


Don’t listen to Fernandez_Es, he and anyone sending you ANY links are scammers.

Send your MATIC on the polygon network to Binance, Polygon network. Then withdraw. Costs around 10MATIC. No hassles, no wait, no problem.

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thanks so much, succeeded by adding more deposit on the eth network

I have the same issue. I have enough to cover the fee however it won’t proceed.

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Hi @Vampeel if you are still having this issue I will suggest you contact matic support, a representative from Matic will further escalate this issue via the live chat support. CLICK ON THE MATIC FORUM PAGE TO TALK TO A MATIC REPRESENTATIVE —>> [MATIC DEVELOPERS LIVE CHAT]
to engage in a live chat conversation with developers from matic to help sort your issue out right away.