Bridge from Matic to ETH

I tried to bridge my mSAND from Matic network to ETH network.
My transaction move on check point but Gus fee was too high.
So I want to cancel my transaction, How shoud I do?

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Alright, In that case how can I continue transaction?

2022年2月3日(木) 15:30 Shubhangi Kumari via Forum - Matic Network <>:

I can`t find my burn transaction.
I checked Ethscan and Polygonscan but all transaction Status is success.
How canI continue the transaction?


2022年2月3日(木) 22:54 rohan via Forum - Matic Network <>:

How fixed that? Gas price is low about 40 - 50G but polygon need $50 - $100 usd fee for transfer bridge to ETH network. I send only 0.004 ETH and fee is over 0.02 ETH???

Someone work on support?