Bridge ETH to Polygon problem

I am trying to move Matic onto Polygon from the ETH Network.
I understand that you have to pay gas fees twice, that’s fine.
I initiated the transaction,
the first set of ETH fees is pulled out of my wallet. Step one complete, as I can see it on etherscan.
Next comes the completion stage.
I click the button that says “Continue”, nothing. Well that’s not exactly true… the little circular processing things shows up, the button greys out, but then button goes back to purple asking for me to click it.
I’ve double-checked that I have enough ETH to pay the larger transaction fee (yep there’s enough , more than enough).
I click that same button another 25 times , still nothing . I sent a message to support/create a ticket. 12 hours later I get a very basic response “to click the button”. (like my ticket wasn’t even read)!
Perhaps someone here can help me troubleshoot this issue.
Running Windows 10
Using Brave browser with MetaMask extension (both up-to-date).
Not sure what else would be helpful.